Employer attestation

Administrative compliance

In 2015 the CAAT Plan implemented an administrative compliance attestation program for all participating employers. The initiative was part of CAAT's strategy to reduce and manage risk in all aspects of operating the pension plan, including governance oversight. Being a participating employer in the CAAT Plan carries with it various obligations. As the Plan administrator, the CAAT Board of Trustees has an obligation to monitor all participating employers to ensure their obligations are being met.

The compliance attestation program comprises our ongoing employer training program, designed to support employer administrators in meeting legislatively required compliance standards, and an annual written attestation of administrative compliance by each participating employer.

Every year, participating employers must certify and attest that key obligations in respect of the Plan have been met (such as employee enrolment, contributions, data reporting, and distribution of annual statements and other information). In addition, employers must certify, to the best of their knowledge, that the appropriate employer staff attended or participated in the appropriate education sessions offered by the Plan.

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