Designed to generate long-term returns to keep pension benefits secure.

Expert investors

Long-term performance and value

The Plan’s pension fund consists of well-diversified assets chosen by our investment team. Internal expertise and oversight, combined with shared governance ensure the payment of promised pensions for years to come. Click on the links below to learn more about our investment strategy, performance and policies.

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Investment strategy

We manage investment risk and follow the highest standards to keep your pension sustainable.

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Investment policies

The Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures details our approach to investing.

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Asset mix

CAAT's investment portfolio benefits from a variety of assets chosen by a team of investment experts.

Responsible Investing

Sound corporate governance structures and practices

We manage the risk to long-term shareholder return by incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment program.

Learn more about responsible Investing
2020 Highlights
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Investment performance

An overview of how CAAT is delivering long-term performance and secure pensions.

CAAT's investment team

CAAT's investment team is performance-driven and dedicated to reduced risk and long-term returns.

Meet the investment team

Our team of investment professionals manages an investment strategy focused on the long term, allowing us to weather short term market fluctuations and keep your pension secure.

Asif Haque, Chief Investment Officer