Corporate Engagement

Our partnerships and affiliations

Central to our Responsible Investment Policy is the principle of collaboration and engagement. Our team partners with collaborative industry associations to encourage Canadian regulators and Canadian public corporations to strive for better governance practices and more comprehensive disclosure of ESG factors.

Our partnerships and affiliations include:

PIAC logo
Pension Investment Association of Canada (PIAC)

Members of CAAT's team are active in the Pension Investment Association of Canada (PIAC), an organization focused on promoting sound investment practices and good governance for the benefit of pension plan sponsors and beneficiaries.

ILPA logo
Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA)

The Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) is a global industry association composed of limited partner investors in private equity funds. CAAT is an active member of ILPA and has endorsed the association’s Private Equity Principles, which promote the alignment of interest, good governance, and transparency that form the basis of effective relationships between limited and general partners.

CCGG logo
The Canadian Coalition for Good Governance

The CCGG promotes good governance practices in Canadian public companies, and the improvement of the regulatory environment to best align the interests of boards and management with those of their shareholders. Their work includes engaging directly with the boards of public companies in Canada, pressing for change in laws and regulation in need of reform, and producing up-to-date research on governance practices. CAAT has been a member since 2005. CCGG is also a participating employer of the CAAT Pension Plan.

PRI logo
Principles for Responsible Investment

Signatories to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), including CAAT, commit to six principles, including incorporating ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes, being active owners, seeking disclosure of ESG issues from the entities in which we invest, and working together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the principles.

SHARE logo

CAAT is an affiliate of SHARE – the Shareholder Association for Research & Education. SHARE is a Canadian organization that works with institutional investors to promote responsible investment practices through active ownership, research, and education. SHARE is also a participating employer in the CAAT Pension Plan.

TCFD logo
Task force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Signatories of the TCFD, including CAAT, encourage corporations to provide climate-related disclosures, allowing investors to better understand climate risks and opportunities in their portfolios.

30% club logo
30% Club Canada

The aim of the 30% Club Canada is to engage Canadian board chairs and CEOs to achieve better gender balance at the board level, as well as at executive management levels. The 30% Club’s mission is at least 30% representation of all women on all boards and C-suites globally.