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This year, your contributions to the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) are going to look a little different, and you might be wondering, why, how and its impact on you. Let’s help fill in those gaps and...

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Hear from CAAT's Vice President, Member Experience, Sonny Khindria, on the advantages of the member portal with exciting new updates to enhance your pension journey.

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Picture this: waking up without the jarring buzz of an alarm, having an open schedule, having time to try out passions you never had time for. That, my friends, is the beauty of retirement.


It’s Financial Literacy month in Canada and there's no better time to celebrate the big deal that is your CAAT Pension. Your pension plays an important role in your financial future during retirement...


Retirement can be a source of fear and uncertainty for many Canadians, especially when it comes to financial planning and income security. We decided to take to the streets and talk directly to Canadians to gain insights into their concerns. Here's what we discovered.


Introducing Miriam, Pensionality Composer and soon-to-be retiree. With the retirement milestone just around the corner, she is on a mission to make sure she's thoroughly ready for this exciting new chapter in her life. Check out her first entry.

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Recently CAAT challenged our Plan Ambassadors to get creative and post a picture of themselves in their#PensionsforEveryone t-shirt to their social accounts. Plan Ambassadors proudly showed off their...

CAAT's recently launched a new initiative that lets you share your invaluable opinions on important matters related to your pension, so we can better support you on this journey. Learn about what it entails and how you can be a part of it.