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Getting started

Designed for all members

Whether your Plan design is DBprime or DBplus, you’re collecting a pension or still working, this website will make it easy to answer your pension questions. 

Five ways to get started

1. In the new “Members” section, you’ll find all the information about your CAAT pension. On each page, where provisions for DBprime and DBplus differ, select the dropdown option that applies to your Plan design. Not sure which design applies to you?

2. If you’re a retired member, start on the “Collecting your pension” page. You’ll have access to the resources you need, such as the pension payment calendar and information about income taxes. Select any feature of interest to you, like inflation protection and member resources, from the “Members” menu.

3. Did you join the CAAT Pension Plan through a merger that included a voting process? Visit “About your merged plan” for details about your membership, including dedicated hotlines, merger updates and more.

4. Do you have a specific question? The new Member Support Centre is the place to start. This powerful new feature gives you access to a wealth of information using a simple search. Select a topic or enter your search term to find answers to your pension questions.

5. If you’re viewing this site on a smartphone or tablet, tap the three horizontal lines (the “hamburger” menu) to navigate through the site. The new features other behind-the-scenes enhancements to provide a better experience to visitors using assistive technologies.

DBprime or DBplus?

If you’re not sure which Plan design you belong to, select the situation that best applies to you:

Do you work for an Ontario college or related employer (including the ROM and YSB)?

  • If you work full-time, you’re earning a pension in DBprime
  • If you work part-time or on contract, you’re earning a pension in DBplus

Did your employer join DBplus after October 2018 (with or without a voting process)?

  • You’re earning a pension in DBplus, regardless of your employment status
  • If you joined through merger that required a voting process, visit "About your merged Plan" for details

Are you thinking of joining the Plan?

If you work part-time or on contact for an employer that already participates in the Plan, you have the option to join under the DBplus Plan design at any time. Visit Do you work part time or on contract? to get started.

If your employer doesn’t participate in the Plan, and you’d like to learn more about what DBplus can offer you, visit the Pension Solutions page to get started.

Not sure if your employer participates in the Plan? Review the list of Participating employers.