Increasing your pension with a purchase

Create a larger lifetime retirement income for yourself

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Retire with a larger pension

Your defined benefit pension from the CAAT Plan is the cornerstone of your retirement income. It will provide you with a lifetime of monthly pension payments after you retire. Even though your pension is calculated using a fixed formula, there is a way to increase the amount of pension you receive when you retire; by making a pension purchase.

You may be able make a purchase, enabling you to retire with a larger pension if you:

  • worked part time or on contract for an employer that participates in the CAAT Pension Plan before joining the CAAT Plan;
  • had an unpaid leave of absence during your CAAT Plan membership;
  • were a member of a Canadian registered pension plan before working for an employer that participates in the CAAT Plan.

Four reasons a purchase may be right for you

  1. When you make a purchase, you increase the lifetime pension you’ll receive from the CAAT Pension Plan.
  2. If you purchase pension in respect of a previous pension plan, you’ll be able to consolidate your pension payments, and receive them from one secure and sustainable source when you retire.
  3. Making a purchase may even allow you to retire sooner than you had previously planned.
  4. When you retire, your whole pension, including the purchased portion, receives conditional inflation protection and no-cost survivor benefits, making the purchase even more valuable.

Get started with a purchase

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