Increasing your pension with a purchase

Create a larger lifetime retirement income for yourself

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Retire with a larger pension

Your defined benefit pension from the CAAT Plan is the cornerstone of your retirement income. It will provide you with a lifetime of monthly pension payments after you retire. Even though your pension is calculated using a fixed formula, there is a way to increase the amount of pension you receive by making a purchase.

You can make a purchase and grow your CAAT pension if you were contributing to a registered pension plan with a previous employer. You may be able to make a purchase in respect of that membership. You can also make a purchase for an unpaid leave of absence or statutory leave, while you are a member, or even periods you worked for your current employer before you enrolled in the CAAT Pension Plan. This is known as an ‘eligible period of purchase’.

Five reasons a purchase may be right for you

  1. It will mean a bigger pension: Your purchase is added to your lifetime pension.
  2. It can simplify your life: Consolidating your retirement savings will spare you the time, effort, and worry associated with investing your retirement savings.
  3. CAAT will not charge you commissions or other fees: A purchase can provide an excellent return on your investment. You can rest assured knowing your pension is being managed by CAAT – a trusted and secure pension plan that is sustainable over the long term.
  4. More retirement options: Choosing your retirement date without having to worry about investment market performance means you can retire when the time is right for you.
  5. Your purchased pension includes valuable benefits: Things like conditional inflation protection increases after you retire and a survivor pension at no additional cost to you or your spouse.

Get started with a purchase

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