Coming soon: online access to your pension information


In early 2021, the CAAT Plan will introduce a new way for you to easily access your pension information online. CAAT’s new secure pension portal will give you the flexibility to view your pension information, complete some transactions, and plan your retirement, right from your desktop or mobile device.

The early phases of the pension portal will offer these exciting features:

  • Secure online access to your key pension documents: Receive your annual pension statement without waiting for the mail.
  • Easy-to-use retirement planning tools: No need to enter any information. Just select a retirement date or age, and the portal will use your most recent pension data to get a projection of your lifetime pension.
  • Simpler information updates: It’s never been easier to notify the Plan when you change your personal information, like your address or phone number.
  • Evolving for the future: The pension portal will continue to evolve with new and enhanced features that will help you plan your retirement with ease.

It’s easy to start: If you’re eligible to use the portal, CAAT will notify you when your account has been created. You’ll receive a letter at your home address with instructions for creating your password to access your account, and how to log in from anywhere on CAAT’s new website.

Stay tuned! More updates about the new pension portal are coming soon.