Contributors podcast explores new potential for Canadians

The CAAT Pension Plan launches new Canadian-inspired podcast, Contributors.

The CAAT Pension Plan is pleased to announce the launch of a new, in-house podcast, Contributors. Hosted by CAAT’s Marnie Niemi Hood and Russell Evans, each episode invites a prominent Canadian leader to discuss how their organization is making meaningful change for a better future. Through these conversations, CAAT will explore workplace wellness, policies impacting Canadians, and the innovations that are driving Canada’s future forward – just to name a few! Overall, the episodes aim to celebrate how organizations are prospering by prioritizing more than just the bottom line – they are breaking ground by also considering the well-being of their people, Canada’s economy, and the overall welfare of the country.

Contributors first episode features a discussion around the impact of workplace wellbeing with Paula Allen, Global Leader and SVP of Research and Total Wellbeing, LifeWorks. Paula shares the major challenges Canadian employees faced during the pandemic and the long-term impact they continue to have, including how employers can regain momentum and prioritize their well-being, particularly in the new workforce available to us today.

Other episodes from season one includes discussions with industry leaders across technology, innovation, private capital, and more. Episodes airs on Wednesdays, bi-weekly.

Listen to Contributors now and subscribe here.