February 2024 Member Newsletter

Pension Awareness Day is definitely a thing!

The second annual Pension Awareness Day in Ontario was on February 15. And boy, did we celebrate what a big deal defined benefit pensions are for Canadians. We didn’t get a cake or candles (maybe next year!), but we shared some hot content on IG (think hot chocolate or coffee). We don’t want to give it away, so head over to Instagram.

While Pension Awareness Day at CAAT is every day, it’s another opportunity to understand the value of your defined benefit (DB) pension, which is pretty amazing. As a CAAT Plan Member, you can count on stable retirement income for the rest of your life and survivor benefits for your loved ones, too. Ready to fall in love with your pension? No matter what stage of life you’re in, there are so many things you can do!

  1. Attend a Learning Session: Our knowledgeable Pension Educator, Steve Hyland, is always ready to share useful facts, nitty-gritty details along with a side of humour and humanness! Pensions are complicated, but learning about them doesn’t have to be.
  2. Sign up for the Pensions for Everyone Conference: We can’t recommend this one enough. You’ll hear directly from CAAT CEO and Plan Manager Derek Dobson in this live virtual event in May. Then you’ll dive into learning more about how your pension is a really big deal in a member session made just for you. Stay tuned for registration details. You may also want to watch last year’s conference for insights on how pensions are taking a front seat in solving some of Canada’s problems.
  3. Who doesn’t love a personality quiz? And if you do, try our unique quiz – Pensionality (Pension + Personality = Pensionality). Discover how your pension intersects with wherever you are in your life. This can help you understand what’s important to know today to help you in the future. Try it!

No matter what life stage you’re in, your pension is a big deal. Pension Awareness Day is one (very special, in our opinion) day to take a moment to prepare (even just a little) for your future.

You want it? We’re on it!

Your 2023 Annual Survey Results

At CAAT, we say we’re listening and we mean it. Every summer, we send out a survey to hear what’s working for you and what isn’t. We want you – our members – to have a say in how your pension plan works for you. Your satisfaction is important to us, and so is meeting your needs.

Here are the top four things we learned from you in the 2023 Annual Survey and what we’re doing in response:

  1. Just over 70% of our survey respondents are using My Pension, the secure portal access to your pension information. We’re going to invest in and enhance the portal and the pension estimator – the most popular feature according to your feedback. While members who joined CAAT through a pension merger don’t have access to the portal, our website offers valuable resources, including the option to estimate your pension and future retirement income.
  2. Close to half our members read the Member Newsletter (we see you!). This year, we’re improving it to better meet your needs with more frequent, timely news. In 2024, you can expect five newsletters up from twice a year. Why? We know that members who read the newsletter feel more connected and better understand their plan. New year, new newsletter!
  3. According to the survey, when our members have questions, CAAT’s website is where you’re most likely to find answers (62% of you to be exact). So, we’re working on refreshing it for you too! We’re enhancing the website with an easy-to-follow format, better visuals, more useful information, videos and learning tools for members of all demographics. Check back for a new look to our member website this spring.
  4. Many of you took the time to share topics you’re interested in learning more about, including: plan features, resources and services available to you, My Pension and investment performance. Check out our member blog Planner and Facebook page, where we’re always posting new content about your pension, retirement security and more.

Thank you for your feedback and insights.

Have more to say? Join the CAAT Insights Panel

You don’t have to wait for the next annual survey. We’re always checking in with our panelists for feedback on our services, our communications and more. Your feedback will have an impact on current CAAT Plan members and future members as our plan grows.

If you’re ready to join send us an email at You can also keep an eye out for a special invitation coming to your inbox in March.

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