Your pension is secure - managing through the pandemic


The pandemic has affected many aspects of your life, but rest assured, your pension isn’t one of them. Our strong governance structure, expert investors and responsible funding policy means that we continue to provide secure retirement income to our members from coast to coast. 

The CAAT Plan started 2020 from a strong, fully funded position with the most recent valuation (January 1, 2020) showing funding reserves of over $2.9 billion. We have purposely built reserves over time to keep the Plan resilient. During the first half of 2020, while investment markets experienced dramatic fluctuations, the funding reserves withstood these instabilities unscathed. 

We’re focused on your pension, so that you can put your focus where it needs to be.

Social distancing, benefiting from technology, and keeping everyone safe

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve taken a ‘business as usual’ approach, while adapting to continue to serve our members and keep everyone safe.

  • Virtual presentations ensure you can still learn about different elements of your pension plan
  • A secure document upload system (S-Doc) makes it easier to send forms to CAAT
  • Digital signatures allow us to expedite transactions
  • Restricted office access with limited staff and no visitors keeps everyone safe

We’ll continue to adhere to strict health and safety protocols and adapt, as needed, to keep members, staff, and pensions safe and secure.

Are interested in more information about your CAAT Pension Plan? Join one of our upcoming webinars.