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The CAAT Pension Plan has provided everything you need to understand, claim and enjoy your benefits. Access the resources below to gain important insights into your pension plan.


Whether you’re earning a pension in DBprime or DBplus, switching from part-time or contract to full-time employment (or vice versa), or if you’re ready to retire, we have a booklet that’s right for you.

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Switching employment type

For Ontario College employees moving from part time/contract and full time employment, or vice-versa.

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DBprime Member Handbook

For members who work full time at an Ontario College and who are earning a DBprime pension.

Ontario College system
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DBplus Member Handbook

You work part time or on contract for an Ontario college

Joined since 2019
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DBplus Member Handbook

Your employer joined DBplus since Jan. 2019, or required voting.

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Retired Member Handbook

This handbook is your guide as you collect a pension.

Ready to retire
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Your Retirement Planning Guide

Planning your retirement from the CAAT Pension Plan.

Purchase booklets

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DBprime purchases

If you work full-time for an Ontario college or related employer, read this pamphlet

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DBplus purchases

For members who work part time or on on contract for an Ontario College or related employer

Joined since 2019
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DBplus purchases

Read this if you work at an employer that joined DBplus since January 2019, or required a voting process

Disability booklets

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Members of DBprime

Learn about disability benefits and your DBprime pension.

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Members of DBplus

Download to learn about disability benefits and your DBplus pension.

Securely transmit pension documents using S-Doc

Use our secure document delivery system (S-Doc) to send signed forms, option documents, and other documentation, such as proof of age, to the Plan using a secure, encrypted connection. S-Doc lets you to submit files simply and safely, while protecting your personal and confidential information.

Be sure to include your full name, your Member ID and your employer’s name when you submit your documents. You can find your Member ID on your most recent Annual Statement, or other recent personal correspondence you may have received from the Plan. We also accept digital signatures on many of our forms.

Use S-Doc

Pension policies by jurisdiction

Different jurisdictions may have different minimum requirements, based on their pension legislation. Read the pension policies by jurisdiction.