I’m ready to retire

Get started with 4 easy steps

planning your retirement

How do I get started?

The process to start your pension is simple.

  1. Once you’ve chosen your retirement date, notify your employer’s Human Resources department as soon as possible. We recommend you start the process at least three months before you want to retire.
  2. Your employer will complete a Pension Application form and send it to the CAAT Plan.
  3. The CAAT Plan will then send your retirement package directly to your home address.
  4. To be sure your pension starts on time, check your payment cutoff dates in the table below. Your completed Option Documents and supporting documents must be received by the Plan by 3pm (ET) on the deadline dates listed.
Return your document by 3pm no later than: To ensure your first pension payment is made on:
January 15 February 1
February 12 March 1
March 12 April 1
April 12 May 1
May 13 May 31
June 11 June 28
July 15 August 1
August 13 August 30
September 11 October 1
October 15 November 1
November 12 November 29

Remember... your first payment may be delayed if we receive your Retirement Option Document after the date indicated above, or if your documentation is incomplete. Pension payments cannot begin before your retirement date. Refer to your retirement package for details.

Want to keep a copy on your phone or computer? Download the PDF version of the table below.


Your retirement package will include:

  1. Retirement Option Document: This document outlines your pension amount, payment options, and deadlines. It's important to return your option document to us by the deadline to ensure your payments start on time.
  2. Blank TD1 forms (Federal and Provincial): Your pension is taxable, so you will use these forms to tell us how much income tax to deduct each month.
  3. Member Change of Information form: Use it now if you need to make a change, or keep it in case of a change later.
  4. A Direct Deposit form: use this form instead of a void cheque to provide us with your banking information and set up monthly direct deposit pension payments.
  5. A checklist to help you complete your application by supplying supporting documentation. You will be required to supply:
  • a void cheque or a completed Direct Deposit form
  • proof of your age
  • proof of your spouse’s age, if applicable, and
  • confirmation of marital status, if applicable (marriage certificate, Statutory declaration of Common-Law Relationship form, or separation/divorce agreement).

It’s important to return your completed and signed Option Document, TD1 forms, and all required supporting documentation to the CAAT Plan by the deadline to ensure your payments start on time. Once we’ve received your signed Option Document, and all supporting documents, your pension will be processed. It will be paid on the first of the month by direct deposit. If the first of the month is a holiday, your pension is deposited the day before. (The exception is the January 1 payment, which is made on January 1 each year.)

When you receive your Retirement Option Document from the CAAT Pension Plan, you might have a few different payment options to choose from.

If you have an eligible spouse at retirement, you’ll have the option to choose an actuarially reduced pension now, so that when you die, your spouse will receive a 75% survivor pension instead of the default 60% survivor pension. You can only make this choice at retirement, so it’s important to be ready. The option document will show you what your pension would be if you choose the 60% or 75% survivor option.

How to avoid delays in starting your pension

Marital separation and divorce is the number one cause of delayed pension starts. If you were legally married during your membership in the Plan, and subsequently separated or divorced, we’ll need to confirm if your pension is to be split with your ex-spouse, and any other details, before processing your pension.

Important note about proof of age: Not providing proof of age (and your Spouse’s if applicable) can delay your pension. Acceptable proof of age includes any government issued identification (federal or provincial) that clearly shows the card holder’s date of birth, excluding health cards, (e.g. passport, birth certificate, citizenship card, driver’s license). Remember: payment will not be made unless proof of age is provided.

How do I start my government pensions?

You can start your CPP or QPP pension any time after age 60, and your OAS any time after age 65. Be sure to apply for these benefits at least six months before you want to start collecting them.

You must apply directly to Service Canada to receive the necessary information and application forms for your Canada Pension Plan. Most are automatically enrolled to receive their OAS benefit. If you are eligible for automatic enrolment, you will receive a notification letter in the month after you turn 64. If you do not receive a letter, you must apply for your OAS pension in writing. Contact Service Canada at least six months before you turn 65 to start the application process.

For more information visit Canada.ca, or call 1-800-O-CANADA. Visit Retraite Quebec to apply for QPP.