Whether you’re working or retired, earning a pension under DBprime or DBplus Plan design, this is the place to learn about the features of your CAAT pension, your options if you experience a new life event, and more.

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Despite a year like no other, your lifetime retirement income remains secure.

Discover CAAT’s 2020 highlights

Your annual statement

Learn more about this important resource.

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Retired members

Videos and other resources to help you complete your pension confirmation.

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Learn more about the pension you earned up to the end of 2020.

Explore My Pension

Your personal pension information is at your fingertips with the new member portal, My Pension.

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Access your pension details

It’s secure, convenient and easy to use.

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How to activate your portal account

Watch the video to learn more about activating your account on My Pension

Explore Plan features

Your pension includes these valuable features

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A lifetime income in retirement

When you retire, your pension is paid every month for the rest of your life.

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Inflation protection

Conditional inflation protection increases help protect the purchasing power of your pension in retirement.

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Survivor benefits

In addition to your lifetime pension, the CAAT Pension Plan provides a lifetime pension to your surviving spouse upon your death.

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Your contributions

You make tax-deductible contributions while you work. Your employer contributes on your behalf.

Planning your retirement

In the CAAT Plan, you can retire when the time is right for you. We have all the resources you need to prepare for retirement.

Plan your retirement

Whether you're ready to retire, looking to retire early or looking for more information - understand your options.

Attend a member presentation

Learn all about your pension from CAAT’s pension experts.

Pension Estimator

Use one of our pension estimator tools to discover the retirement date that's right for you.

Starting your deferred pension

A deferred pension offer flexibility, even if you've left your job before you were eligible to retire.

Increase your pension with a purchase

Whether you’re earning a pension in DBprime or DBplus, you may be able to make a purchase, enabling you to retire with larger pension.

When you make a purchase, you create a larger lifetime retirement income for yourself, from a secure and cost effective source.

Learn more about your purchase options, and the four-step process to get started.

Added income
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Make a purchase

Learn how you can increase your retirement income.

Life events

If you’re leaving your job, experiencing a divorce, taking a disability leave, or experiencing other life events, read about how the Plan’s provisions apply to you.

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Disability and your pension

Continue to earn a pension during your disability leave.

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Separation or divorce

Your pension is a potentially significant part of your family property.

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Leaving your job

Your Plan offers flexibility and security if you terminate employment before you’re eligible to collect a pension.

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Starting your deferred pension

A deferred pension offers flexibility if you left your job before you were able to start collecting a pension.

In retirement

In retirement, your pension is paid every month for the rest of your life. Find details about the payment schedule, income tax, and other sources of retirement income.

Collecting your pension
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Member resources

The Plan provides a variety of information resources. Download booklets, watch videos, and learn about your annual member statement, all in one place.

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Attend a presentation

Delivered by pension experts on a variety of topics, these sessions provide valuable information about your Plan and your options.

About your merged plan

Merged plans
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Find details about your pension

If you joined DBplus as the result of a merger, you can get details about your previous pension by visiting this page.


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