Say hello to the new!


The CAAT Plan is committed to providing service that makes things simpler—including our website! The newly designed website provides all the information you need about your pension in one convenient location.

In addition to a fresh design, the new includes new features, accessible to all of our members, regardless of Plan design or location.

Here are four new reasons to visit:

1. The first change you'll notice is our new web address: is easier to remember, and reflects CAAT's growing membership accross Canada.

2. Content for retired members is now included in the “Members” section of the site.This ensures all members—those collectinga pension, and those still working,—have the same access to valuable, and relevant, pension information.

3. The brand-new “Member Support Centre” gives you access to a wealth of information using a simple search feature. Visit the Support Centre to learn more, and watch the video for tips and tricks.

4. We’ve implemented features behind the scenes to make sure members using assistive technologies, like screen readers, and different devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are able to navigate the site with ease.

If you haven’t seen our new look yet, visit and click on “Members” to get started.