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At CAAT Pension Plan, we pride ourselves on working with employers simply and efficiently. We now have members across Canada from twenty industries and have support and participation from 21 different unions and member associations. With over 94,000 members on the Plan, discover how we've transitioned other organizations onto DBplus.

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Merger helps national employer cost-effectively secure and simplify pensions

Postmedia Network’s workforce was covered by a mix of defined benefit (DB), defined contribution (DC) and Group RRSP programs, and the organization was searching for ways to cost-effectively secure past DB benefits, create efficiencies and have all employees participate in a common and valuable pension program, while reducing risks and managing costs.

Learn why employees voted 99% in favour of a merger with the CAAT Plan.


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A successful and complex multi-plan merger with a public company

Torstar Corporation was searching for ways to manage pension balance sheet volatility, while still providing secure and valuable defined pension benefits. – The company wanted to replicate all past Torstar DB benefits, plus provide valuable conditional inflation protection increases in retirement.

Discover why our jointly sponsored pension plan eliminated Torstar's risks


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B.C.-based non-profit replaces RRSP savings program with a secure defined benefit plan

As an advocate for defined benefit pension plans, SHARE wanted to provide the same options to their employees – and DBplus allowed a highly valuable DB plan at the same employer cost of its prior program.

Learn how employees were able to 'trade up' to a DB plan with no additional cost to SHARE


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St. John Ambulance brings DB pensions back to work

St. John Ambulance sponsored its own pension plan, which comprised of a closed defined benefit (DB) component and an ongoing defined contribution (DC) component. Looking for more benefit certainty for its employees and cost certainty for itself, St. John Ambulance sought a solution that would allow the nonprofit organization to move management of its pensions to experts so it could focus on providing its core services.

Learn how SJA brought DB back


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A global biopharmaceutical company division secures win-win pension solution

Instead of introducing a defined contribution (DC) plan, CAAT’s DBplus allowed Sanofi Pasteur to continue offering a desirable defined benefit (DB) pension plan and exit the pension management business, including transferring its pension liabilities to CAAT.

Discover how DBplus helped Sanofi Pasteur eliminate fiduciary and balance sheet risks

Large employee benefits provider makes smooth transition to a DB pension plan

Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP) and OTIP Group of Companies understand the value of employee benefits and good pensions. The not-for-profit sought to upgrade its defined contribution (DC) plan to a DB pension plan – a secure, lifetime income plan for their 700 employees.

Read more about OTIP’s transition to a DB plan

Union negotiates DBplus to replace DC plan

As the union sought to upgrade their employer-provided defined contribution (DC) plan to a defined benefit (DB) pension plan, the employer would only consider an option that would have a fixed cost, free them of any future liability, and would alleviate the burden of administering pension benefits.

Learn how this union was able to secure a lifetime pension for their members
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