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The steps to join DBplus will depend on your organization’s current retirement savings plan.

Every situation is unique

That's why we offer flexible pension solutions to suit your needs.

While we are flexible, what remains constant and consistent is the support you receive from CAAT’s pension experts.

We’ll equip you with necessary decision-making information and guide you and your team through our proven processes, including helping you to introduce and explain the Plan to employees. If pension coverage is part of collective bargaining, we’ll work with all stakeholders to ensure they have complete information. We also assist by working with your advisors.


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To learn more about how to join DBplus, select the situation below that applies to you.
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Joining from no pension plan

If your workplace currently has no retirement savings arrangement for employees, joining DBplus is a simple way to offer your employees a valuable and secure defined benefit pension, for a fixed contribution rate.

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Upgrading from a Group RRSP

If your workplace currently offers a group registered retirement savings plan (Group RRSP), or provides employees with funds to contribute to their RRSPs, the transition to DBplus is seamless and efficient.

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Upgrading from a defined contribution (DC) plan

If your workplace currently offers a DC plan, the transition to DBplus is seamless and efficient.

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Currently offering a defined benefit (DB) pension plan

If your organization currently offers one or more DB pension plans, there are two options for joining CAAT.

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Get a quick and easy estimate of how much lifetime retirement income members will get from contributions to DBplus.

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