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DBplus offers what Canadian employees want in a retirement savings plan. As a member, you'll be freed from the stress and risks of making investment decisions. You will enjoy the certainty of predictable and secure lifetime pension payments, plus other valuable retirement features. Learn more about the different benefits of DBplus below.

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Survivor benefits

Valuable survivor benefits include a lifetime pension for a surviving spouse that includes inflation protection, a minimum guarantee of payments should you and your spouse both die early in retirement, and pre-retirement death benefits.

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With DBplus, members get more value with their contribution. On average, contributions to DBplus deliver twice as much retirement income as other plans.

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Secure lifetime retirement income

With DBplus, members can count on predictable, secure monthly pension payments for as long as they live in retirement, independent of their employer’s financial health.

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Flexible retirement options

In DBplus, you can choose to retire when the time is right for you. You’ll choose a retirement date that meets your individual needs, including the possibility of retiring as early as age 50.

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Inflation adjustments

DBplus provides enhancements while you work and when you retire to protect against inflation, conditional on the financial health of the Plan.

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Whether you are joining CAAT or leaving your job with a CAAT employer, the Plan’s portability options help you to build a bigger pension.

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If your employer offers DBplus with Contribution Choice, you can choose the contribution rate that’s right for you from the multiple contribution rates set by your employer. You may be able to switch to another rate that better suits your changing needs and financial goals once a year.


DBplus: A monthly pension for life


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Purchasing additional pension handbook

In addition to your regular contributions, you may be able to transfer in funds to purchase additional pension.

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Member handbook

You deserve benefits that last a lifetime. Explore the DBplus Member Handbook to learn more about member benefits.

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Get a quick and easy estimate of how much lifetime retirement income members will get from contributions to DBplus.

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