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With DBplus under the CAAT Pension Plan, you can offer your employees a valuable, Modern Defined Benefit pension plan at a fixed contribution rate, and through a flexible and simple approach. As an employer, this is your opportunity to be freed of the risks, costs, and administrative effort of operating your own pension plan.

How do employers benefit?

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Value for contributions

On average, contributions to DBplus go twice as far in delivering retirement income as group RRSPs or defined contribution (DC) plans. CAAT's profit-for-members trust structure, expertise, scale, and joint governance ensures you’re in a sustainable plan. As an employer, you'll be provided with:

  • Valuable employee benefits
  • A secure lifetime income in retirement, along with other defined benefit (DB) pension features, to help your organization attract and retain top talent
  • Lower stress for your employees
  • Knowing your employees and our members will have a secure DB pensions where they do not need to worry about the amount of retirement income they’ll receive, and they do not have to make any investment decisions

No balance sheet risk

At CAAT, we manage the liabilities for you. Your role requires no pension accounting. As an employer, you’ll only need to record employer contributions on financial statements and CAAT will provide guidance for notes to financial statements. With DBplus, you'll be assured knowing:

  • Your contributions cover all costs
  • You'll avoid the expense of operating your own pension plan
  • There are no Pension Benefit Guarantee Fund premiums
  • You are free to focus on your core business

Pension cost certainty

You deserve the certainty of knowing where your contributions will take you and your employees. With DBplus, you'll benefit from the following:

  • Contribution rates are set by you
  • As an employer, you’ll have the choice of a rate between 5% and 9% of employee earnings
  • Secure process through CAAT’s efficiency

The CAAT Pension Plan is a world-renowned model for the efficient delivery of secure pension benefits. Learn more about the contribution rates here.

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