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Flexible and tailored solutions to accommodate your workplace needs

The CAAT Pension Plan continues to enhance workplace pensions in Canada with a Modern defined benefit (DB) plan design that accommodates a variety of workplaces.

In direct response to employer needs, our latest innovations further integrate the contribution rate flexibility common to defined contribution (DC) plans and group RRSPs with the stability and benefit security of a Modern DB plan.

With a suite of flexible options now available, the DBplus plan design can accommodate a wider range of workplace, change management, labour and collective bargaining needs.

Flexible options available

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Phased-In Contribution Rates

Reduce any barriers to participation by gradually increasing employee contributions through rate phase-ins.

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Rate Differentiation

Offer contribution levels that can vary by employee class, prior membership and bargaining unit. In certain cases, you may be able to determine eligibility by employee class.

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DBplus with Contribution Choice

Employers have the option of offering a range of contribution rates, with an associated employer match, for employees to choose from. Contribution Choice lets you tailor your organization’s contribution rates to your unique workforce needs. Learn how Contribution Choice works here

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Seamless Transitions

DBplus is the pension plan design of choice for a growing number of Canadian organizations. We welcome workplaces of all sizes and types, in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Employers that currently offer DB plans, DC plans, group RRSPs, or no workplace retirement savings plans at all can enjoy a seamless transition to a sustainable, best-in-class DB pension plan.

More value, more choice

Advantages for Employers

  • Flexible solutions to solve your pension and workforce challenges
  • Contribution rate options that cater to your unique employee base
  • Improved attraction of new talent
  • Reduced turnover costs through increased retention from appreciation of a valuable retirement benefit

Advantages for Employees

  • Control to choose the contribution rate they can afford from those offered by their employer
  • Retirement income security that comes from membership in one of Canada’s leading pension plans
  • In-demand CAAT Pension Plan features like no-cost survivor benefits and inflation protection

Get started today

Are you interested in bringing DBplus to your workplace? Reach out to our Pension Solutions team to see how we can accommodate the design of your existing retirement savings plan(s) or work with you to create a tailored solution for your workplace - all with no administration fees.

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Resources for interested parties

Online resources that can help facilitate conversations with your network about DBplus.

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Flexible solutions with DBplus

Discover more about the tailored solutions CAAT can offer you and your workplace.

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