Learn about the positive bottom-line impacts of offering a workplace retirement plan.

There's not a business I've run into where pensions and improved workplace pension plans wouldn't support their bottom-line objectives. So with some of the employers I'm working with, are focused on doing better for their employees, improving their wellness, which will end up in being more productive, more likely to stay. I saw a stat recently from a study that showed if you're worried about retirement, it's the equivalent of 16 days of lost productivity. So, there's a bottom-line impact there. There's a corporate social responsibility impact. There's a positive branding impact by making sure your employees not only are less stressed today, but you're not creating pensioners living in poverty. That can never be good for your brand. In some of the stats we share with employers and lawyers, for example, is when employees are given the chance to opt-in, do they want to join CAAT? We have a 97 percent endorsement rate. Just think about how complex pensions are. And change is difficult for people, but 97 percent of people voted in favor of change to get access to a better pension plan. The stats for those employers have union relationships. Just think about the good will or the soft landing of keeping or returning to a defined benefit pension plan. We've had 100 percent endorsement. We have relationships with 15 different unions. We're supporting DBplus. Lots of studies show lower severance costs, getting rid of fiduciary risks and the potential for lawsuits if you're picking an investment lineup in the DC plan, the lack of governance time, not having to invest in systems and technology to help people figure out retirement. These are the things I'm hearing from leaders is: "I want to focus on my core business." It's never been more important for me to focus on my core business. I'm going to outsource my pension risk management business to somebody we can trust and CAAT being a not for profit trust fund that's been around since 1967. We're ticking all the boxes.