Season 1, Episode #1: Navigating a new workforce

The Boomer Brain Drain and how Canada can recover

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“[Boomers] carry the burden – they are the ones who are called on in times of crisis because they have the experience, they know the organization inside and out. It's not as much of a reflex to call on your newest employees to help you steer the ship in a crisis.” – Paula Allen

This episode features a discussion around the impact of workplace wellbeing with Paula Allen, Global Leader and SVP of Research and Total Wellbeing at LifeWorks. New research reveals a challenge in our workplaces – and Paula shares what every employer should do to support their employees.

Marnie and Russell sit down with Paula Allen, Global Leader and SVP of Research and Total Wellbeing at LifeWorks, to dissect the major challenges Canadian workers and businesses faced during the pandemic and the long-term impact they continue to have. New research released by LifeWorks and Deloitte Canada reveals that the state of mental wellbeing, particularly among business leaders, is compromising a post-pandemic workplace recovery and organizations across all sectors are at risk of a destabilizing loss of talent. Paula shares how leaders can thrive in a post-pandemic world, including how employers should approach the new workforce. She discusses how we can reimagine our current systems, the transformations that need to take place, while mentioning how employee benefits can help build and nourish organizational culture. Ultimately, we learn how leaders can build their business back following the pandemic by retaining top talent and promoting mental wellbeing through workplace benefits, culture, and other initiatives.

After this episode, you'll learn:

  • The two actions all employers can take today to better support their employees’ mental health.
  • The increased burden placed on senior leaders in the workplace - and how this will impact productivity.
  • The reason senior leaders want to exit their workplace (and how employers can mitigate it).
  • How to prepare for an inevitable increase in turnover.
  • Why employers are focusing on workplace retirement plans.

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Paula Allen is the Global Leader, Research and Total Wellbeing and a Senior Vice- President at LifeWorks. In this role she manages the research agenda for LifeWorks, which includes primary research, exploratory data science, research collaborations and meta-analyses. Given her focus on industry leading research, Paula also leads LifeWorks’ thought leadership and is co-chair of the organization’s product and innovation strategy.

Paula is focused on the current and emerging issues that impact health and productivity and related costs. Her scope includes all areas of wellbeing – social, physical, financial and mental. She is also a well-recognized expert in all areas of workplace mental health, learning strategies, disability management and drug plan management. She designed and led the most comprehensive employer response to the H1N1 pandemic and is currently LifeWorks’s business response and resource lead for the COVID-19 pandemic. She also works directly with many of Canada’s leading organizations.

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