Season 2, Episode #10: The Maple Transformation - How to disrupt industries through innovation and collaboration

In this episode, Russell speaks with Brett Belchetz, CEO & Co-Founder of Maple.

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“ We started the company in 2015 purely as a direct consumer offering. And only about a year later after a whole bunch of people who had used Maple and had great experiences were recommending us onwards. Those people started to ask us what our corporate plans were like because they liked the offering so much they wanted to buy it for their company. And only at that point did we realize, wait a second, we kind of missed the boat here on something because people love this. People want to be able to buy it in a group way for a group of people to have access to it. And we don't have any corporate offering. We don't have a B2B offering. So the market spoke to us.” - Dr. Brett Belchetz

How can organizations transform and scale, while promoting the greater good for Canada? For Brett Belchetz, CEO and Co-Founder of Maple, the answer was shifting from a consumer focused B2C model to an influential force in the B2B landscape. Host Russell Evans and guest Brett Belchetz engage in conversation, delving deep into the genesis of Maple’s journey – and more importantly, how other organizations can learn from the transformational pivot the virtual healthcare app made. With his unique experience as both a physician and CEO, Brett brings fresh, practical innovations to the market through Maple, emphasizing a collaborative and adaptive approach to expanding into the B2B space.

Transitioning to a B2B focus came with its own set of unique challenges, and Brett shares insights into the intricacies of balancing the interests of individual patients with those of their employers.

After this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Maple’s responsiveness to changing market dynamics led to remarkable growth
  • How Brett’s vision and strategic acumen steered the company toward success
  • The power of collaboration and how to swiftly adapt for sustained success
  • Why pivoting to a B2B model can improve alignment with individual customer needs and unlock untapped potential
  • How organizations can prioritize different audiences, while ultimately supporting a better Canada

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Dr. Brett Belchetz
CEO and co-founder

Dr. Brett Belchetz is the CEO and co-founder of Maple, Canada’s leading virtual healthcare platform. Maple came about as a result of a personal insight from Brett, who is also a practicing emergency room doctor based in Toronto, when he realized there was untapped potential for licensed healthcare providers to use their spare time to provide more care, increasing the healthcare system's capacity and improving timely access to care. As a medical expert, Brett has appeared in various national media outlets including the National Post, CTV and Global News as a guest contributor on all matters related to healthcare. Brett is also a Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute and previously, he worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company.

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