Season 2, Episode #4: The Marathon for Talent - How to attract and retain talent through a long-term lens 

Russell sits down with two guests: Dr. Susan Black, President and CEO of the Conference Board of Canada, and Derek Dobson, CEO and Plan Manager of CAAT Pension Plan, for a discussion on the Marathon for Talent.

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“The thing we hear most often, and I hear it in my individual meetings with leaders, and we heard it in our C-suite survey this year, is that attracting and retaining talent is the number one internal challenge companies are facing right now. The war for talent has been going on for many years. But with the pandemic, with the structural changes in the economy, people are really struggling to find the right set of skills in the roles that they need to have filled. So there's definitely a tight labour market and it's a great concern.” - Susan Black

Attraction and retention strategies are critical in the workforce today, and it’s becoming clear that the Race for Talent is here to stay. In this special panel episode, Russell sits down with two guests: Dr. Susan Black, President and CEO of the Conference Board of Canada, and Derek Dobson, CEO and Plan Manager of CAAT Pension Plan. Their conversation focuses on the Marathon for Talent, which refers to a shift in perceptions and perspectives around the trending term Race for Talent. Derek and Susan discuss how employers can capitalize on today’s hiring landscape, sharing their thoughts on why it’s important to shift to a long-term approach to retain your employees.

After this episode, you’ll learn:

  • A winning formula to overcome current talent attraction challenges.
  • Tangible solutions to improve employee productivity, engagement, retention, and attraction
  • How to get an edge on your competitors by demonstrating a long-term investment in employees at a low cost.
  • How to bring more flexibility and financial wellness into the workplace.

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Susan Black
President and CEO
The Conference Board of Canada

Dr. Susan Black is the president and CEO of The Conference Board of Canada. As a seasoned business executive, much of Susan’s career has focused on helping leaders solve intense challenges through groundbreaking research in human resources and inclusion. Susan has helped organizations deepen their talent pools and elevate HR’s impact through a business-first philosophy.

Derek Dobson
CEO and Plan Manager
CAAT Pension Plan

Derek Dobson is the CEO and Plan Manager of CAAT Pension Plan. He is a seasoned pension leader with more than 30 years of industry experience, both in Canada and internationally. Derek has also helped advance research, particularly around retirement income security in Canada. He is a featured speaker and contributor to Talent Canada, Benefits Canada, Canadian Manufacturing, HR Professional and Canadian HR Reporter.

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