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Listen to the most recent episodes here and explore past episodes from season one.

Canadian Spotlight
Pension and Retirement
Russell Evans, VP Comms

In our season two finale, host Russell Evans, along with Jade Towle of CAAT Pension Plan, reflect on the key takeaways.

Pamela Steer, Paul Lai Fatt, Stephen Poloz, Keith Ambachltsheer

In this episode, Russell speaks with four experts in the Canadian pension space to uncover why DB plans declined, and are now making a prominent comeback.

Derek Dobson and Susan Black headshot

In this episode, Russell sits down with Ross Wainwright, CEO of Alida. The pair discuss why the customer experience needs to be top of mind for every Canadian organization vying to win the marathon for talent and build a loyal customer base.

Derek Dobson and Susan Black headshot

Russell sits down with two guests: Dr. Susan Black, President and CEO of the Conference Board of Canada, and Derek Dobson, CEO and Plan Manager of CAAT Pension Plan, for a discussion on the Marathon for Talent.

John Ferguson headshot

Join us for a new season of Contributors: Coming this Fall.

John Ferguson headshot

Jade Towle sits down with host Russell Evans to reflect on season one's most tangible takeaways for the C-Suite

John Ferguson headshot

In this episode, Russell sits down with Derek W. Dobson, the CEO and Plan Manager at the CAAT Pension Plan. Exploring the challenges of retirement security in Canada, the episode shares why there are more oppportunities than threats.

Illustration of a wave form

The Boomer Brain Drain and how Canada can recover

John Ferguson headshot

Contributors profiles organizations making long-term gains for Canada.

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Contributors, an award-winning podcast, is for and by Canadian leaders. The episodes explore how organizations are making strategic decisions today to secure a better and brighter future for Canada. Russell Evans invites Canadian business leaders to sit down with him and discuss how their organizations are leading fundamental change, disrupting industries, and investing in Canada's well-being. Through in-depth conversations, we explore innovation, policy, business ideas, and more. During season one, Contributors episodes reached the top 1% of podcasts streamed across the globe (BuzzSprout), and the show earned a spot on the Top Innovative Branded Podcasts list by Bay Street Bull. Season two continues to showcase leaders whose organizations are inspiring others in Canada and beyond, including Anthony Viel, CEO of Deloitte Canada, Christine Bergeron, President & CEO of Vancity and more.

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