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Choose a job that benefits you… & your future self!

Your next career move could move you closer to a successful retirement.

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Invest in your future

As a jobseeker, you’re looking for more than just a way to get paid. You want flexibility, a secure future and commitment from an employer you can trust.

That’s where a defined benefit (DB) plan comes in—with tax savings on your contributions, investments professionally managed by experts and a secure, predictable income for life when you retire.

A good pension is rare

Only 26%
of Canadians have access to a workplace defined benefit plan2

of Canadians believe they won’t have enough saved for retirement3

Contrast and compare

DB plans offer a higher return for each dollar contributed.

$5.32Canada-model DB pension plans, like CAAT

$2.58Group RRSP or Defined Contribution Plans

Every $1 contributed gets members like you an average of $5 in retirement.1

The verdict is in—a good pension matters

The gold standard

DB pensions, like CAAT, are the most sought-after workplace retirement savings plans in Canada.

Your pension priorities are life after work, reducing stress, caring for those closest to you and more. Our priority is to provide you with a sustainable and secure retirement plan.

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Monthly pension payments

Enjoy your retirement with predictable monthly payments, no matter how long you live.

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Employer contributions

Get the most out of every dollar—you and your employer’s contributions are wisely invested.

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Inflation protection

Annual increases, conditional on funding, to help protect your spending power.

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Flexible retirement options

Want to retire early? We can help you accomplish that with flexible options.

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Survivor benefits

Provide for those closest to you even after you’re gone, reducing stress for your loved ones.

Keep CAAT in mind as you make your decision.

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