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Let’s make retirement better for you

Here’s how to improve your workplace pension for a more secure, predictable retirement.

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Retirement shouldn’t feel overwhelming

Your current workplace retirement savings plan may leave you wondering:

  • Will I be able to retire on my terms?
  • How much will I need to save to ensure I don’t run out of money?
  • Am I making the best investment decisions for my future?

We spoke with Canadians to find out if and how they are saving for retirement – here’s what they had to say about their retirement security.

What if… you had access to a predictable pension that lasts a lifetime, with early retirement options, spousal benefits and protection against inflation?

A better retirement for you and your colleagues

A predictable lifetime retirement income is not just for public sector employees – private sector employers are looking at bringing defined benefit (DB) pension plans to their workplaces to improve employee financial wellness.

DBplus by CAAT Pension Plan

DBplus by CAAT Pension Plan is a modern DB pension plan, and a win-win for both the organization and employees.

Benefits to you as an employee

Secure, predictable lifetime retirement income

Reduced stress and risk

No investment decisions

Inflation protection

Survivor benefits

Early retirement options

Benefits for your employer

Cost certainty and fixed costs

No liabilities or fiduciary risk

Move to DBplus can be achieved without any increase in costs – lift and shift existing plan into DBplus

Help attract and retain top talent

Less turnover and improved productivity saves money

Enhances culture and employee wellness

How much could your pension be?

On average, contributions to DBplus deliver twice as much retirement income as other plans (such as defined contribution plans or group RRSPs)*.

$5.32Canada-model DB pension plans, like CAAT

$2.58Group RRSP or Defined Contribution Plans

Use CAAT’s easy-to-use pension calculator to quickly estimate what your pension could be with DBplus.

Ready to enhance your workplace pension? Our toolkit is here to help

Easy steps to improving your workplace retirement plan:


Download our toolkit and reach out to your employer to ask for DBplus.

  • A sample letter you can send to your HR representative to request a review of your current retirement savings program.
  • Our DBplus brochure highlighting key features and benefits of the plan.
  • Tips on how to talk about pensions with your employer.
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About CAAT Pension Plan

CAAT Pension Plan is one of Canada’s most sustainable, fastest-growing, and highest-performing pension plans. Plus, we’re a not-for-profit – that means all profits go towards improving member benefits, and not to shareholders.

Our DBplus offering is a unique and innovative design that unites the best of defined benefit, defined contribution, and group RRSPs.

employees across Canada have joined CAAT Pension Plan, from more than 440 employers in diverse industries, including manufacturing, mining, airports, media, and more

124% funded
CAAT has $1.24 for every dollar promised in pensions – that means security for the future

Some key statistics: 97% endorsement rate from CAAT's participating employers and members; +9.3% average 10-year net return rate; $20.1 billion Net Assets; $5.3 Billion Funding reserves