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A better pension matters:

The attraction and retention strategy every employer should be thinking about

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Employees want better workplace pensions

Why employers are offering a benefit that lasts a lifetime—literally.

Retirement security is a top source of stress for working Canadians. Organizations across Canada are now tapping into the link between workplace retirement plans, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and branding as a responsible employer of choice.

Job seekers expect a workplace pension, and prefer employers who offer them.

More than 70% of Canadians would forego a raise in favour of a workplace pension plan (see footnote 4).84% consider an employer-sponsored retirement plan to be a critical benefit (see footnote 5). 79% of Canadians say they are likely or very likely to change jobs for a better pension (see footnote 6).

“While many Canadians find themselves in a new job, employers also need to put the focus on those who stayed in their roles. It's now time for the ‘Great Recognition’ and to build a culture of appreciation.”

Ed Yuen, Vice President, Strategy and HR Outsourcing at ADP Canada

A modern business solution that improves the bottom line

The cost certainty employers want and the valuable lifetime income employees need.

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Susan Black, CEO @ Conference Board of Canada

Susan explains how DBplus was key to reimagining employee benefits post-pandemic.

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Employers across Canada are winning the race for talent by offering DBplus in the workplace.

DBplus is now available to workplace across Canada, offering employers an opportunity to tap into a CAAT’s jointly sponsored pension plan, while offering unique and desirable features.

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“CAAT’s purpose is bigger than pensions—they really want to make Canada better... CAAT inspires me and captures the optimism and energy that makes Canada special.”

John Ruffolo, Founder and Managing Partner, Maverix Private Equity

A modern workplace retirement solution that delivers more value

Here’s how the power of Plus measures up.

The expected pension per dollar contributed is meaningfully higher with a modern DB plan, like CAAT’s DBplus.8

What each $1 of contribution provides on average in retirement:

Group RRSP or Defined Contribution Plans provides on average $2.58 per $1 contribution on retirement. Canada-model pension plans, like DBplus, offer $5.32 per $1 contribution on retirement.

As a world-class pension plan, our expert team focuses on strength and sustainability over the long term.

Some key statistics: 97% endorsement rate from CAAT's participating employers and members; +9.3% average 10-year net return rate; $20.1 Billion Net Assets; $5.3 Billion Funding reserves
Photo of Derek Dobson

Derek Dobson, CEO @ CAAT

Learn about the positive bottom-line impacts of offering a workplace retirement plan.

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