ACE Help - Step 3 - Output


The Actuarial Cost Estimator was developed to provide members of the CAAT Pension Plan with basic service purchase estimates only. Results are displayed as a cost range, based on information provided by you, and are neither reviewed nor verified by the CAAT Pension Plan. These estimates are not binding on the CAAT Pension Plan.

The final cost of any service purchase can only be calculated by the CAAT Plan at the time of the official request. It will be calculated based on the information provided by you, your former non-CAAT employer’s pension plan or the CAAT employer with which you worked prior to joining the Plan and your current employer as of the date of request.

If you are a participant in the CAAT RCA and are interested in exploring the possibility of making a purchase or a transfer above the ITA maximum into the CAAT RCA, please have your HR department contact the CAAT Pension Plan for a quote. Your employer, who must pay for at least half of the purchase cost under income tax law (with you paying the balance), must agree to the purchase. If you have accrued benefits in respect of a previous employer's retirement compensation arrangement, it may be possible to have such credits and assets transferred into the CAAT RCA directly.

Actuarial Cost Estimate


The cost range shown is an estimate based on your current age, earnings and service in the CAAT Plan.

Earnings used in the estimate

Your estimate is based on the earnings you input, which are then converted to $5,000 earnings bands. For instance, if you enter earnings of $52,000, your result will be shown as a cost for the earnings band between $50,000 and $55,000.

Assumptions used in the estimate

The assumptions and rates used in this estimate reflect the actuarial assumptions and rates in effect on the date of calculation. They are subject to change without notice.

  • The estimator assumes you will continue to earn one year of pensionable service for each calendar year until your retirement date.
  • The estimate assumes that all service purchased is fully indexed. Depending on the years when the service occurred and on the provisions of the CAAT Pension Plan, your service may or may not be fully indexed.
  • The cost of service is affected by your age. As a general rule, the older you get, the more it costs to purchase service.

The amount shown is for planning purposes only. If you wish to purchase the service, you will need an official quote for the cost of the purchase from the CAAT Pension Plan. You and your previous employer will have to provide a history of earnings and service information to the CAAT Plan.

Please note, you cannot purchase more service in the CAAT Pension Plan than you had with your former non-CAAT employer’s pension plan (or that you worked with your CAAT employer prior to joining the Plan).