DBprime Employer Estimator

This estimator is for members of the CAAT Pension Plan who work full-time for the employers listed in the drop-down box below.

Your pension estimate will be based on the data that you enter. Enter your birth date, and your service and earnings in the Plan to see your estimated lifetime pension at three key retirement dates.

If you’re not sure about your service and earnings, refer to your most recent Annual Statement. You can still use this Estimator if you recently joined the Plan, or don’t have access to your Annual Statement.

How accurate are the results?

Every effort has been made to confirm the accuracy of these estimates, the correctness of the underlying data and the reasonableness of the assumptions used. However, the estimates provided to you are strictly for illustrative purposes and we reserve the right to correct errors at any time. The estimates are based in part on future assumptions (e.g. future earnings) and do not provide a guarantee of your pension entitlements in the future, which may change based on actual experience or changes to the data if incorrect.

Estimating and projecting your retirement income in the future is complex, so the Estimator makes various simplifications and assumptions that cannot be confirmed. (Click "Help" and select “Projections, Assumptions, and Limitations” to learn more.)

The Estimator also relies on data that you enter, which is not verified by your employer or by the CAAT Pension Plan.

  • If you have access to My Pension, log in to get an estimate that uses your pension data.
  • If you are within five years of retirement, you can contact the CAAT Pension Plan for an estimate.

Terms Of Use

The Pension Estimator was developed to provide basic pension estimates for members who are in full-time employment. Results are based on data provided by you, and are neither reviewed nor verified by your employer or the CAAT Pension Plan. Please note that in no event are the estimates provided by the Pension Estimator an indication of guaranteed pension benefit amounts.

  • Your actual entitlement to a pension, and its amount, will be officially calculated by the CAAT Pension Plan only at the date of your retirement and in accordance with the applicable terms of the CAAT Pension Plan and the terms of your transferring plan.
  • If there is a discrepancy between the Pension Estimator and the CAAT Plan Terms or the transferring plan terms, the Plan Terms will prevail.
  • The data you enter into the Pension Estimator is not saved or sent to the CAAT Pension Plan or your employer.
  • The Pension Estimator does not automatically correct errors that result from inputting incorrect data or otherwise validate the information that you enter.
  • These estimates are not binding on the CAAT Pension Plan, or your employer, and furthermore, use of the Pension Estimator does not imply entitlement to a pension.
  • You can learn more about the assumptions used by this Estimator in “Help”.

Please note that the data that you provide and the results that are created by the Pension Estimator are for your information only, and are not reviewed, audited or verified by the CAAT Pension Plan, and you should not rely on these estimates in making any decisions or taking any action with respect to your pension. CAAT Pension Plan is not a financial advisor. CAAT Pension Plan encourages you to seek independent legal, accounting, taxation, or other advice prior to making any decisions regarding your pension entitlement. CAAT Pension Plan is not liable for any loss caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise arising from the use of, or reliance on, the results received from the Pension Estimator.

Income Tax Act Maximum Pension

The Pension Estimator does not apply the Income Tax Act (ITA) maximum pension cap. As the CAAT Pension Plan is a registered pension plan, it can only pay pensions up to the ITA maximum pension. If, upon retirement, the amount of pension calculated exceeds the ITA maximum then in effect, the amount payable under the CAAT Pension Plan would be reduced accordingly.

Important information for other than regular full-time members:

Please note that other than regular full-time (i.e., part-time, temporary or contract employees) employees are not eligible to participate in DBprime. If you transition to other than regular full-time employment with your CAAT participating employer, you will transition to DBplus by the CAAT Pension Plan. It has different contribution rates and a different pension formula than DBprime.

Estimates provided by the Pension Estimator assume that you continue working and accruing a pension under DBprime until your retirement dates. If you transition to other than regular full-time status, your pension accrual will change on that date, and therefore the estimates received from the DBprime Pension Estimator is not valid. The pension estimate from this estimator will not accurately reflect your ultimate pension from the CAAT Pension Plan which would be made up of a pension from you transferring plan, a pension from DBprime, and a pension from DBplus. Be sure to visit the DBplus Estimator, so you can estimate your combined pension from the current DBprime and DBplus, at any retirement date you choose.

Note: If you continue in full-time employment, you will continue to participate in DBprime.

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To simplify your data entry, use the information found on your notice package of your most recent Annual Pension Statement.

If you have questions refer to the "Help" files.